Wavie Rodgers

Veteran generates income for life, creates legacy of hope

When speaking to Wavie Rodgers, one is immediately astounded by his passion for DAV and the veterans we serve. Rodgers proudly expresses his sentiments for his brothers- and sisters-in-arms with a pride and conviction that only a fellow comrade could. When askes what inspired him to establish such a generous legacy of compassion for his fellow veterans through a charitable gift annuity, Rodgers humbly explained that he believes it to be the right thing to do.

Wavie Rogers

"It seems to me a small thing to do, in that my brothers and sisters of the military have sacrificed life and limbs for the safely of all. Therefore, borrowing from the words of Sgt. Bobby Lisek, 'But I can't stand to think of our brothers and sisters who are serving, sacrificing today and returning home without a sense of hope.'"

And like him, I have benefited from DAV myself, and DAV has welcomed me into its community and has proven to me that these veterans care for one another. In short, I can do no less and am willing to lend my support."

Rodgers' generous donation provides him with fixed payments for life and DAV receives the remainder of the funds as a donation through his estate. Many CGA donors consider this type of contribution a win-win for themseleves and DAV.